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West Wharf Academy

NAUTICAL SKILLS for fisheries

We are here to help you to learn not only the language of the sea, but also the nautical skills associated with the fishing industry. We will guide you and help you to develop your practical skills for your career in fishing, and we will support you throughout your learning journey to obtain the necessary skills to work on a fishing vessel.

Can you mend, splice and take a watch?

West Wharf Academy uses a didactic approach to teach the skilful craft of net making and net mending. You will learn how to tie knots and bends, and we will show you how to splice ropes and wires. We will also teach you how to use traditional methods to make fishing gear and equipment using recyclable and natural materials that complement sustainability and foster the concept of a heritage fishery. We will also teach you about watchkeeping and safety at sea.

West Wharf Academy will show you the ropes.

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