Maritime and Fisheries

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West Wharf Academy

English for FISHERIES

West Wharf Academy is a global leader in the provision of English language lessons and services for fishing industry professionals.

We will prepare you for Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL and the online Marlins English Test, which is a requirement for all seafarers in English speaking countries.

Learn the skills for standard operational procedures onboard your fishing vessel - the general English communication skills for the day-to-day deck and wheelhouse operations. Learn the key linguistic skills for non-routine circumstances so that you will be able to identify and understand the key language for commands and instructions specific to urgent and emergency situations. Learn  the language needed to maintain yourself and your wellbeing, and that of your crew. We have a comprehensive understanding of commercial fishing vessel operations, but we also know the workings of the fishing industry and the language and the vocabulary specific to the job. We are also aware of the risks and hazards associated with language barriers and miscommunication at sea.

West Wharf Academy provides all its language lessons and services online, meaning that with internet access, wherever you are in the world, whether you are on land or on the high seas, no matter what the weather, you and your dedicated crew, can improve your English with West Wharf Academy.

 We will show you the ropes.

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